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Timeblock DAY Face Care

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timeblock® DAY - PROTECT & BOOST

A revolutionary combination - the velvety timeblock® DAY Emulsion contains sophisticated formula of selected ingredients to boost cell activity. High-performance super-antioxidants also protect the skin against environmental aggressors.
The plant-derived youth-boosting molecule isoflavandiol (EQUOL) stimulates the body's own production of collagen and elastin, has a positive impact on the anti-ageing gene and smoothes the texture of the skin from the inside out. Thanks to its nanoparticle properties, EQUOL penetrates the skin and forms a natural reservoir beneath the dermis, where it can slowly unfold to produce a long-lasting effect. This enables its beneficial properties to reach the ideal number of skin cells, leaving your skin firm and plump. It has been scientifically proven that no other anti-ageing cosmetic works in the same way.
Derived from white tea - the precious, unopened leaf buds of the tea plant - supports and boosts cell renewal.
Thanks to apple stem cell extract from Uttwiler Spatlauber, the stem cells of the epidermis retain their vitality for considerably longer, thereby improving the skin's regeneration process.
Rich in amino acids, this algae extract supplies the skin with new energy and returns natural balance and vitality to the skin.
timeblock® never uses synthetic perfumes. Plant-derived, antioxidant AMEFlore® oils exude a delicate citrus perfume that has a positive impact on the senses. The oils have a very high ORAC value (oxygen radical absorption capacity) and provide the skin with added protection against free radicals.

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